Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The importance of being Christos Niarchos!

We have businessmen who make it to great heights and manage to get a real impressive global presence. We have sportsmen who win laurels all the time and thereby stay in the news. Then, we have people who are a blend of these two- successful business guys who go on winning prizes as sportspersons. But Christos Niarchos(those close to him call him as Chris Niarchos), is much more than that. (Christos, my learned friend says, is a very popular name in Greece. He also points out that there are many other famous guys with the Niarchos surname, like for example Stavros Niarchos and Philip Niarchos).

Christos Niarchos has made much money, he has earned name and fame, he has gone all across the world and made his presence felt in more areas than one.

But then, he is not just into minting money. He gives back to the society a major share of what he earns. He helps many worthwhile causes all across and supports charities and humanitarian causes in as many ways as possible.

Chris Niarchos plans many other such activities too. He has provided support to many charities in many parts of the world and has supported many worthwhile causes and aims at taking it even further. He desires to change lives everywhere...

Yes, being Christos Niarchos is important, really important.