Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The importance of being Christos Niarchos!

We have businessmen who make it to great heights and manage to get a real impressive global presence. We have sportsmen who win laurels all the time and thereby stay in the news. Then, we have people who are a blend of these two- successful business guys who go on winning prizes as sportspersons. But Christos Niarchos(those close to him call him as Chris Niarchos), is much more than that. (Christos, my learned friend says, is a very popular name in Greece. He also points out that there are many other famous guys with the Niarchos surname, like for example Stavros Niarchos and Philip Niarchos).

Christos Niarchos has made much money, he has earned name and fame, he has gone all across the world and made his presence felt in more areas than one.

But then, he is not just into minting money. He gives back to the society a major share of what he earns. He helps many worthwhile causes all across and supports charities and humanitarian causes in as many ways as possible.

Chris Niarchos plans many other such activities too. He has provided support to many charities in many parts of the world and has supported many worthwhile causes and aims at taking it even further. He desires to change lives everywhere...

Yes, being Christos Niarchos is important, really important.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Home Entertainment Systems

Ever dreamed of having great sound systems and TV without all those crappy wires, well the future home has arrived with the new wave of home entertainment systems.
There are now installers up and down the country who can install entertainment systems to store and play all your music and films.
John Ross HiFi works with Control 4 and has installed entertainment centres for homes and businesses including holiday homes.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Oracle Advertising taking marketing to the next level

Oracle Advertising is among the fastest growing marketing companies in the UK; the company offers customised solutions to fit every individual need of the industry by attracting the exact prospects and converting them into business. The company puts in place the right steps to ensure it enhances the business of the clients and not bring down their ROI.

By choosing Oracle Advertising you will receive the best marketing services from a single source and consistency is ensured on marketing campaigns. Whether you choose brand marketing or services, you can be assured that Oracle will provide an unparalleled level of service and expertise.

Oracle cherishes its customer relationships and realises how important it is to keep the consistency throughout. Every step that comes in the way of marketing your product or service, rest assured you have a partner that you can trust with Oracle Advertising.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

What the Redwoods Advance guys say…

Redwoods Advance is one of our clients. The Singapore based company has been doing well in the Direct Marketing sector.

The Redwoods Advance guys sent us an email recently; a mail that was brief, but powerful and brimming with confidence. Here’s part of that mail for you:

Happy New Year…
For us here at Redwoods Advance and for the Direct Marketing industry in Singapore, 2012 begins on a positive note. 2011 was great, business-wise, we overshot out targets. We know, yes we know, that we are going to make it even bigger in 2012.
We owe a part of our success to you…we’d expect even greater help from your side

That’s it. Direct Marketing seems to be in vogue everywhere in the world. New Direct sales companies seem to be coming up, always. Well, that’s perhaps what accounts for the increasing numbers of our clients.

Good for us...and good for them too…

Happy New Year to all….