Thursday, 10 November 2011

Perth Planning How long....

So I get very frustrated with bureaucracy at the best of times, I hear on the news how the government wants to help business, yet the actions of the planning department in Perth seem not to follow this line.  For some bazaar reason we had to get planning permission to put a BT line into the new office we want to move into (broadband).  So after paying for an architect to do drawings etc for a small cable, we are still waiting for planning to approve it.

Come on how long does it take to approve a cable, it's tough enough out there doing business and surviving never mind having to wait for some one to tick a box in some council building!  I will laugh if it takes the "6 weeks" they say it will, I will ask for a full report from the top of the department about why my cable to 6 weeks.  I wonder what they have been doing for it to take 6 weeks cos I don't see much in the way of buildings going up at the moment!

When I did speak with them the guy did not seem that bothered by how urgent it is for my business to get this through quickly.  Maybe I should give his details out to my employees so he can explain why getting this approved is so difficult and could compromise their jobs.  Now that would be an interesting conversation to watch!

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Anonymous said...

And another week goes by.... Maybe I should go to the planning office with my local msp and a journalist and get the planning department to explain why it takes 6 weeks to approve a 2 minute job.