Thursday, 20 October 2011

baumatic bd1630 problems my dishwasher stopped working

I have baumatic bd1630 dishwashers in our self catering lodges, and unfortunately one has stopped working. It is only now I feel totally frustrated. The baumatic bd1630 dishwasher just stopped working, I can't choose a programme, normally you would just press P. So I dug out the manual and was surprised to see a very simple and short list of troubleshooting and nothing even remotely close to my issue. The real frustration comes from baumatic lack of either online help or technical help over the phone. The soonest they could get an engineer out was 5 days, even then they won't have spare parts so will need to order them. How come companies like these don't have a online solution centre like many other companies, or forums where others can help. I now have a luxury cottage with no dishwasher working for 2 weeks and no other support for a quicker solution. If you have a problem with a baumatic bd1630 then post here, maybe other people online can help fix your issue. Reminds me to check appliance's support as well before I buy again.

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