Tuesday, 16 August 2011

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Confused...Am I?!!

It's confusing. To believe in the goodness of human nature or not is what perplexes me...

To me both happened on the same day.

The news- a real bad one- of a Malaysian student getting beaten up on the streets in the UK shook me. It happens, you could say, in other parts of the world too; but the fact that the attackers were as young as 11 or 13 makes it most appalling. Mohammed Ashraf Haziq, the victim, was first beaten up, real terribly (you must check the pics to see what a plight he was in after the incident) and then robbed by a passer-by, who pretended to be helping him. Deplorable!! The fact that people make use of such news to propagate religion and religious beliefs too made me sit up and think. Believe me, there was this one guy, who, in a comment said “We need another Christian revival in Britain, dear God, this we need”. There were all kinds of responses to this comment. Someone said, “I am a normal educated person who happens not to be religious but I do not feel the urge to join the looters. Note that Christianity was the religion of Nazi Germany; it did not stop what happened. The nonreligious can have strong morals too”. There was another guy who sounded fairly reasonable, “I think the country has a bigger problem than needing the people to have 'a solid grounding in the Christian faith' will solve”. He went on to say that it's all about being jobless. Well, I just don't know. Would such incidents make a cynic out of me is what I sometimes sit up and wonder!!

Well, on the same day I happened to read a small blog piece, written by someone from Sri Lanka, on how it has become a norm among marketing companies worldwide to engage in humanitarian work. He pointed out that companies like Shaklee Corporation, Trivani and Appco Group have been doing this and then went on discussing the different aspects of it. He even hinted that this could be to promote their business, in an indirect way. But what I felt was this; whatever be their motive, the end result, in a way, is that they are doing good to a lot many people. That counts; yes, that really counts.

Coming across these two things on the same day, I am sort of confused- to believe in the goodness of human nature or to think that the world is going the wrong way. Maybe this is how the world has always been, part good and part bad. The balance has to be maintained that way...

Have a great day, all of you out there....