Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Web Listings Inc helps submit websites

Online Marketing is the wave of the future with Hundreds of thousands of bucks being made each and every year. Business enterprise is booming as a web, and you need to make sure the potential buyers are capable to discover your site if you anticipate to be successful. The profitability of the web site is immediately in conjunction with the number of visitors. Even with the finest site and product, probable clientele need to come across your web web page to increase the manufacturer's visibility and success.

Studies point to which much less than 1% of users at any time visit the 3rd or future pages of their search queries. Understanding how up to date search engines work is difficult because up to date search engines are complicated. Most search engines use patented technology enjoy Google's Page-Rank algorithm created at Stanford university. As a consequence of these technologies, to attain elevated placement your site needs to have visibility all over the web.

Web Listings Inc uses sophisticated submission and statistics technology that has been optimized by search engine professionals to increase your web visibility. Our technology automates and optimizes the submission of your site to many of the top search engines, online directories and link exchanges around the web. Even though the majority of your users will discover your site through the major search engines, being present on many other minor search engines is vital both for improving your score on the major engines, and also capturing niche search markets.

Not only can our technology help improve your search engine ranking, but it also gives you detailed feedback in the form of quarterly status reports that give an indication of how your site ranks given your particular keywords. While other web visibility surveys like the popular Alexa rankings are based on small samples of data extrapolated to larger assumptions, our technology measures real-world, in-field results. By simulating potential customers, we enter your search keywords into many search engines to determine exactly how high up you are in the rankings.

Wondering if customers are having difficulty finding your site? Want to do something about it? Web Listings Inc delivers solutions.

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