Monday, 18 April 2011

ASSC I almost joined until I realised I still had to get Visit Scotland involved

I was just about to join ASSC but stopped again when I was told I needed to have Visit Scotland rate my properties. I have no problem with the quality of my self catering cottages

I would have thought by now the ASSC would have either created an automated system to rate cottages which is something I started a few years ago or done it themselves with their own staff. I don't want to give Visit Scotland any more weight and certainly no more money.

Reviews are the way forward, they are better than any other scheme, sure they are up for abuse if not vetted correctly but the customer feedback is quite often better than any quality assurance. So hey I might not have a hair dryer in every room but I do have a award winning view etc.

So i won't join ASSC until they stop their association with Visit Scotland. I also see they have lots of links to the Visit Scotland website, there are better sites out their with good information.

They have over 600 members which probably also means there is a lot of competition now on their own Embrace Scotland website.

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