Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A visa to India is not an easy thing…

Are you planning to visit India? Good, India offers lots of things for globe-trotters. Yet, there is something that would make you think twice while planning a trip to the country. Getting a visa to India is not an easy thing. Lots of formalities, lots of hassles in getting a visitor visa, which you may find easy to get for any other country. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and many such countries offer free visa while with India, it costs 50 pounds to get a visitor visa. Matters do not end there; you got to send an application and wait for a week to get a visa. Sometimes it’s sent back quoting silly reasons, like those relating to the size of photographs attached. You are asked to send photos of non-standard size and you are left wondering what to do.

No wonder people opt to go visit countries where you are handed a tourist visa delivered on arrival and that too free of charge. The lost revenue thus incurred is considerably great. Hope India does something about that or else it’s the other countries with easier visa procedures that would gain out of it all.

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