Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Facebook hot favourite of small businesses

At a time when small businesses are turning to social marketing and search engine marketing to promote themselves, it's Facebook that stays on top, as the hot favourite of cost-conscious small businesses worldwide.

Traditional advertising methods have taken a beating and it's now the age of online marketing and online reputation management. It's in this changed scenario that Facebook provides comprehensive service to all kinds of businesses. Facebook pages being cheap and at the time being easy to set up adds to its appeal. The effectiveness of Facebook is also worth mention.

Recent surveys prove that Facebook appeals to at least 70% of small businesses depend on Facebook to promote themselves and their businesses.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A visa to India is not an easy thing…

Are you planning to visit India? Good, India offers lots of things for globe-trotters. Yet, there is something that would make you think twice while planning a trip to the country. Getting a visa to India is not an easy thing. Lots of formalities, lots of hassles in getting a visitor visa, which you may find easy to get for any other country. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and many such countries offer free visa while with India, it costs 50 pounds to get a visitor visa. Matters do not end there; you got to send an application and wait for a week to get a visa. Sometimes it’s sent back quoting silly reasons, like those relating to the size of photographs attached. You are asked to send photos of non-standard size and you are left wondering what to do.

No wonder people opt to go visit countries where you are handed a tourist visa delivered on arrival and that too free of charge. The lost revenue thus incurred is considerably great. Hope India does something about that or else it’s the other countries with easier visa procedures that would gain out of it all.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ali Mir, the cobra lover

Ali Mir, a vivid cobra lover, has couple of collection at his place. But unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, he had to remove them from his place of the living to a separate area.

Ali Mir’s love for cobra snakes always finds himself wanting for another so badly. He would joke that someday maybe; he will get into the breeding hobby and provide his visitors something new. Though, he is strictly against captive hatched snake babies since they miss out on natural instincts.

One of the priced possessions that Ali Mir has is the large King Cobra. He had a tough time getting it approved from the authorities as it was in the extinct list of species. But considering his love for such rare species of cobra, the authorities granted permission on condition that they will keep an eye on how it is taken care of afar from its natural habitat. With his breeding hobby, Ali Mir is hopeful that one day he will find the right queen for the King Cobra and soon after his tank will have a royal family.

According to Ali Mir 'snakes are extremely wonderful pets' and he loves to have them around his place. He wants his place to be open to herpetologists, and has plans to come up with a lab that deals with breeding. Ali Mir ensures that his snakes are never neglected or abused. Fewer people would ever venture into such wild act, but for Ali Mir it brings more smiles and satisfaction. Thats why we call him Ali Mir Cobra Man.