Thursday, 10 November 2011

Perth Planning How long....

So I get very frustrated with bureaucracy at the best of times, I hear on the news how the government wants to help business, yet the actions of the planning department in Perth seem not to follow this line.  For some bazaar reason we had to get planning permission to put a BT line into the new office we want to move into (broadband).  So after paying for an architect to do drawings etc for a small cable, we are still waiting for planning to approve it.

Come on how long does it take to approve a cable, it's tough enough out there doing business and surviving never mind having to wait for some one to tick a box in some council building!  I will laugh if it takes the "6 weeks" they say it will, I will ask for a full report from the top of the department about why my cable to 6 weeks.  I wonder what they have been doing for it to take 6 weeks cos I don't see much in the way of buildings going up at the moment!

When I did speak with them the guy did not seem that bothered by how urgent it is for my business to get this through quickly.  Maybe I should give his details out to my employees so he can explain why getting this approved is so difficult and could compromise their jobs.  Now that would be an interesting conversation to watch!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

baumatic bd1630 problems my dishwasher stopped working

I have baumatic bd1630 dishwashers in our self catering lodges, and unfortunately one has stopped working. It is only now I feel totally frustrated. The baumatic bd1630 dishwasher just stopped working, I can't choose a programme, normally you would just press P. So I dug out the manual and was surprised to see a very simple and short list of troubleshooting and nothing even remotely close to my issue. The real frustration comes from baumatic lack of either online help or technical help over the phone. The soonest they could get an engineer out was 5 days, even then they won't have spare parts so will need to order them. How come companies like these don't have a online solution centre like many other companies, or forums where others can help. I now have a luxury cottage with no dishwasher working for 2 weeks and no other support for a quicker solution. If you have a problem with a baumatic bd1630 then post here, maybe other people online can help fix your issue. Reminds me to check appliance's support as well before I buy again.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Great Self Catering Cottages Scotland

Finally got round to building our new site, although still in the development stage Great Self Catering .com will allow us to have one umbrella for all our cottages we want to build over the next few years.
We finished 2 new luxury cottages in early 2011 and had a great response to them, we are now looking to continue building great holiday cottages that people really want to saty in and enjoy.
I would always rate a cottage by how much you looked forward to getting back to it at the end of the day.  Our 2 new cottage Stac Polly and Locholly seem to make people want to stay in them, which I take as a very good sign.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Check out Hi Fi Spitfires

Check out Steve and his band

Great video and there facebook page is Hi Fi Spitfires

Give great reviews

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Confused...Am I?!!

It's confusing. To believe in the goodness of human nature or not is what perplexes me...

To me both happened on the same day.

The news- a real bad one- of a Malaysian student getting beaten up on the streets in the UK shook me. It happens, you could say, in other parts of the world too; but the fact that the attackers were as young as 11 or 13 makes it most appalling. Mohammed Ashraf Haziq, the victim, was first beaten up, real terribly (you must check the pics to see what a plight he was in after the incident) and then robbed by a passer-by, who pretended to be helping him. Deplorable!! The fact that people make use of such news to propagate religion and religious beliefs too made me sit up and think. Believe me, there was this one guy, who, in a comment said “We need another Christian revival in Britain, dear God, this we need”. There were all kinds of responses to this comment. Someone said, “I am a normal educated person who happens not to be religious but I do not feel the urge to join the looters. Note that Christianity was the religion of Nazi Germany; it did not stop what happened. The nonreligious can have strong morals too”. There was another guy who sounded fairly reasonable, “I think the country has a bigger problem than needing the people to have 'a solid grounding in the Christian faith' will solve”. He went on to say that it's all about being jobless. Well, I just don't know. Would such incidents make a cynic out of me is what I sometimes sit up and wonder!!

Well, on the same day I happened to read a small blog piece, written by someone from Sri Lanka, on how it has become a norm among marketing companies worldwide to engage in humanitarian work. He pointed out that companies like Shaklee Corporation, Trivani and Appco Group have been doing this and then went on discussing the different aspects of it. He even hinted that this could be to promote their business, in an indirect way. But what I felt was this; whatever be their motive, the end result, in a way, is that they are doing good to a lot many people. That counts; yes, that really counts.

Coming across these two things on the same day, I am sort of confused- to believe in the goodness of human nature or to think that the world is going the wrong way. Maybe this is how the world has always been, part good and part bad. The balance has to be maintained that way...

Have a great day, all of you out there....

Friday, 29 July 2011

Enza Marketing reviews 2011 first half performance

Enza Marketing review for the first six months of 2011 has been given out. For the said period the company was focussed on setting the foundations to make a strong and successful office and also on making a great reputation within the market by maintaining great customer service. Expanding business to two offices was set as the agenda for the whole year.

Here’s how company sources sum up the achievements- “Our greatest achievements to date are the fact that we have taken on new clients and made a huge success of their campaigns. Also we have been working at festivals around the country on behalf of our clients and making them a huge success”. Office promotions have happened during the period.

For the second half of 2011, Enza Marketing Ltd aims at getting involved in the new division coming to the UK and also plans to move to a larger, new location.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gds International

My name is Spencer Green. I want the company I founded, GDS International, to be the world’s best business-to-business events company, and I want to run The Virgin London Marathon on behalf of the National Autistic Society. Six weeks ago, a major setback on one goal helped me to see both more clearly...

I have always prided myself on my company’s ability to promote from within – but growth presents many challenges, and an HR rethink was required. Can it give us the best of both worlds? Absolutely: if we get it right…

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Web Listings Inc helps submit websites

Online Marketing is the wave of the future with Hundreds of thousands of bucks being made each and every year. Business enterprise is booming as a web, and you need to make sure the potential buyers are capable to discover your site if you anticipate to be successful. The profitability of the web site is immediately in conjunction with the number of visitors. Even with the finest site and product, probable clientele need to come across your web web page to increase the manufacturer's visibility and success.

Studies point to which much less than 1% of users at any time visit the 3rd or future pages of their search queries. Understanding how up to date search engines work is difficult because up to date search engines are complicated. Most search engines use patented technology enjoy Google's Page-Rank algorithm created at Stanford university. As a consequence of these technologies, to attain elevated placement your site needs to have visibility all over the web.

Web Listings Inc uses sophisticated submission and statistics technology that has been optimized by search engine professionals to increase your web visibility. Our technology automates and optimizes the submission of your site to many of the top search engines, online directories and link exchanges around the web. Even though the majority of your users will discover your site through the major search engines, being present on many other minor search engines is vital both for improving your score on the major engines, and also capturing niche search markets.

Not only can our technology help improve your search engine ranking, but it also gives you detailed feedback in the form of quarterly status reports that give an indication of how your site ranks given your particular keywords. While other web visibility surveys like the popular Alexa rankings are based on small samples of data extrapolated to larger assumptions, our technology measures real-world, in-field results. By simulating potential customers, we enter your search keywords into many search engines to determine exactly how high up you are in the rankings.

Wondering if customers are having difficulty finding your site? Want to do something about it? Web Listings Inc delivers solutions.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tours of Scotland

Scotland is definitely a place you want to tour and not just stay put in one place. Choosing the right tour for you Will depend on time and whether you want to be on a organised tour like a coach tour or self drive tour.

Although Scotland looks fairly small on a map the diversity and history of the country means there is always something new to explore just around the corner. Also unlike bigger countries, Scotland's countryside can change from glen to glen. For Tours of Scotland check out is a great place to start.

The most popular tours are 1 day tours leaving Edinburgh and coach tours around the highlands.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Luxury Cottages Ideal for Honeymoon and Romantic Breaks

Locholly Lodge and Stac Polly Cottage are the newest additions to “It took a couple of years for us to find the perfect site that makes the most of this areas stunning scenery and then a further 4 years from buying the land, to get it de-crofted, to getting them ready for April 2011” says Mark Scott partner of the Holiday property group. “We wanted to build cottages that would make people want to stay and relax as much as possible. We tried to think of as many different aspects as we could, hot tubs, wood burning stoves, saunas, fantastic entertainment systems. Having people look forward to coming back to the cottage after a day out exploring this amazing part of Scotland was our main focus.”

The cottages are located on the North West coast of Scotland beside Achiltiebuie about 20 Miles North West of Ullapool with views overlooking the beautiful Summer Isles, “I think the hot tubs have to be up there in the top 10 for best hot tub views in Britain.” The houses sleep 8 people but are designed in a way to accommodate couples who are maybe looking for a romantic break or on a honeymoon. “We designed the house so the upstairs has the lounge, master bedroom and sauna with views out over the sea. ”

Facilities include a private hot tub, infrared sauna, wood burning stove, fully equipped kitchen and dining room, lounge and gallery, master bedroom with en-suite, a further 3 bedrooms down stairs, washer & dryer, 7 acre site. The area is absolutely stunning and is part of the Geopark It starts at The Summer Isles in Wester Ross and continues northwards through west Sutherland to the north coast. You can see photos of the properties and a video on the website. Group Luxury Holiday Cottages Scotland
The cottages are discounted this year to encourage people to try them out, Windyhill cottage which is another cottage owned by Holiday Property Group is almost fully booked all year round.

Monday, 18 April 2011

ASSC I almost joined until I realised I still had to get Visit Scotland involved

I was just about to join ASSC but stopped again when I was told I needed to have Visit Scotland rate my properties. I have no problem with the quality of my self catering cottages

I would have thought by now the ASSC would have either created an automated system to rate cottages which is something I started a few years ago or done it themselves with their own staff. I don't want to give Visit Scotland any more weight and certainly no more money.

Reviews are the way forward, they are better than any other scheme, sure they are up for abuse if not vetted correctly but the customer feedback is quite often better than any quality assurance. So hey I might not have a hair dryer in every room but I do have a award winning view etc.

So i won't join ASSC until they stop their association with Visit Scotland. I also see they have lots of links to the Visit Scotland website, there are better sites out their with good information.

They have over 600 members which probably also means there is a lot of competition now on their own Embrace Scotland website.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ubuntu makes things better

Ubuntu, the new OS based on the Linux platform, is now the preferred OS for the average user and especially for the IT companies with many employees and deadlines to work on.

There are reasons why some companies prefer Ubuntu to Windows. Some of the most quoted reasons are:
  • Ubuntu is said to be virus proof, at least for now. So that is one of the major highlights of the OS.
  • The OS is comparatively silky, prompt and simple.
  • Windows happens to be comparatively expensive and some people even think that it's not worth the money spent.
  • The default set-up of Windows takes a lot of time to be on track. Thus it takes time for you to make it work the way you want it to work. Windows also needs to be rebooted every time after new installations.
  • You are most of the time experimenting with Windows and there is vagueness as to how Windows behaves at times.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Facebook hot favourite of small businesses

At a time when small businesses are turning to social marketing and search engine marketing to promote themselves, it's Facebook that stays on top, as the hot favourite of cost-conscious small businesses worldwide.

Traditional advertising methods have taken a beating and it's now the age of online marketing and online reputation management. It's in this changed scenario that Facebook provides comprehensive service to all kinds of businesses. Facebook pages being cheap and at the time being easy to set up adds to its appeal. The effectiveness of Facebook is also worth mention.

Recent surveys prove that Facebook appeals to at least 70% of small businesses depend on Facebook to promote themselves and their businesses.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A visa to India is not an easy thing…

Are you planning to visit India? Good, India offers lots of things for globe-trotters. Yet, there is something that would make you think twice while planning a trip to the country. Getting a visa to India is not an easy thing. Lots of formalities, lots of hassles in getting a visitor visa, which you may find easy to get for any other country. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and many such countries offer free visa while with India, it costs 50 pounds to get a visitor visa. Matters do not end there; you got to send an application and wait for a week to get a visa. Sometimes it’s sent back quoting silly reasons, like those relating to the size of photographs attached. You are asked to send photos of non-standard size and you are left wondering what to do.

No wonder people opt to go visit countries where you are handed a tourist visa delivered on arrival and that too free of charge. The lost revenue thus incurred is considerably great. Hope India does something about that or else it’s the other countries with easier visa procedures that would gain out of it all.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ali Mir, the cobra lover

Ali Mir, a vivid cobra lover, has couple of collection at his place. But unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, he had to remove them from his place of the living to a separate area.

Ali Mir’s love for cobra snakes always finds himself wanting for another so badly. He would joke that someday maybe; he will get into the breeding hobby and provide his visitors something new. Though, he is strictly against captive hatched snake babies since they miss out on natural instincts.

One of the priced possessions that Ali Mir has is the large King Cobra. He had a tough time getting it approved from the authorities as it was in the extinct list of species. But considering his love for such rare species of cobra, the authorities granted permission on condition that they will keep an eye on how it is taken care of afar from its natural habitat. With his breeding hobby, Ali Mir is hopeful that one day he will find the right queen for the King Cobra and soon after his tank will have a royal family.

According to Ali Mir 'snakes are extremely wonderful pets' and he loves to have them around his place. He wants his place to be open to herpetologists, and has plans to come up with a lab that deals with breeding. Ali Mir ensures that his snakes are never neglected or abused. Fewer people would ever venture into such wild act, but for Ali Mir it brings more smiles and satisfaction. Thats why we call him Ali Mir Cobra Man.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spencer Green GDS International

Spencer Green GDS International

Spencer Green was educated at Millfield School and went onto study law at Kings College. Spencer also represented Wales under 18 at rugby and tennis in the UK National Under-18 teams and played Junior Wimbledon.

Spencer Green GDS has been involved in Publications since 1990 as a Sales Executive, then was promoted to Sales Manager at Sterling Publications.

Spencer Green then went onto creating GDS Publishing Ltd in October 1993 to specialise in industrial, government-led publications for the burgeoning Chinese market.

In 1998, GDS Publishing became GDS International and launched its first conference, Enterprise China. The hugely successful Enterprise series of conferences was rolled out across China and Latin America in the next two years.

In 2000, GDS International launched its first Senior Executive Summit under the ‘Next Generation’ banner. This became the catalyst for ten years of rapid growth (GDS grew 40% in 2010). In 2011, GDS will hold over 70 Summits for C-level Executives from a wide range of industries and across the globe.

Spencer Green GDS International