Friday, 24 September 2010

ANB Promotions Ltd shines at Appco Group Convention 2010

ANB Promotions Ltd makes its presence felt in a big way at the Appco Group Convention 2010 when Mark Cox, the Managing Director of the company picked up the prestigious Marketing Company of the Year award at the Convention.

Expressing happiness at the award, Mark Cox says, “I believe the award isn’t based on the last twelve months; the results we’ve achieved in the last year are a by product of the environment in the office: it’s been set up like a training school rather than just a sales office, with a sales‐based trainer. I’m a believer in showing the FRs what is possible, not only over one, two, or three months, but consistently setting the pace to show them it’s possible to have fifty FRs in a Marketing Company and consistently do 200 sales a week.”

Mark Cox could take ANB Promotions to great heights as he has always believed in working hard. He is also a hard taskmaster. Says Mark, “I demand high standards from myself. I am not afraid to demand the same from those around me.” He also believes in giving freshers a start. “I teach my people early on how to have a first gen on their team. I have a full-time Recruitment Manager to ensure this happens. It’s important to have a consistent stream of new starters each week.”, says Mark Cox.
ANB Promotions has a real good sales force working round the clock and thinking up new things that would contribute towards keeping the whole show going on. The FRs are well‐travelled, which keeps them fresh.
Mark Cox says he owes the award to his team, “Honestly, my goal wasn’t to win the award, but to develop some great people. It only entered my head later on. You can’t be obsessed with the award, rather focus on the new people coming through in your office. Spend time with them, travel with them and invest in them. Your people are constantly changing their situation and you need to focus on them. Their success will lead to your award or any other award, as well as promotion within the business.”

ANB Promotions definitely owes its growth to such a dynamic Managing Director, who believes in working hard even in the spare time he gets so that at a later stage in the growth of the company he can spare time to travel with his daughter.

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