Friday, 6 August 2010

Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation staff work together daily to share ideas, resources, knowledge and best practice. Together we strive to help clients achieve their customer acquisition targets and increase their brand awareness in the most professional and in the most cost effective way.

Coulson Organisation Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground. It is specifically tailored for each individual and includes one-to-one coaching conducted in a relaxed and fun environment. Click here to read about some of the people that have already completed the programme.

The Business Development Programme at Coulson Organisation is a 5 stage programme that will allow you to develop all the skills necessary at every level. By completing the programme you will become competent in the skills required to manage a successful marketing company. You have the opportunity to progress at your own rate with no restrictions whatsoever. The people that successfully complete the business development programme normally do so within twelve to twenty four months.

Coulson Organisation are also aware about the news recently talking about charity scams, that's why Coulson are only working with household names. Read up more on Coulson Organisations Scam and how they work with charities.

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