Saturday, 17 July 2010

centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts review

We are just finishing off our week at centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts and thought I would put my penny's worth in and give you our review.

When we arrived it was a little tricky to find Domaine des Trois Forets as there were not many signs until you get close to the centreparcs. When we arrived it was 36c and very clammy so I was looking forward to getting in the villa and turning the air conditioning. Unfortunately there was no welcome folder or instructions and it took about 1 hour before we realized there was NO air conditioning.

Overall the centreparcs was very good, but a few things we did not like and will put is off coming back again unless fixed.

We arrived to find nothing in English, it was either French or German. No menus, manuals or instructions were in English. This also meant none of the activities were in English. Although not a massive issue for us it did put us off putting our kids in activities. If they have a website in English and a promotional video in English then why not have English in the centre?

We had 2 young kids and there was not 1 washing machine on site? Kids + outside + holidays = dirty clothes surely some one at centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts would know that. So why did they decide not to offer such a service. We ended up using a laundrette 12 miles away in Strassbourg, and the owner said she had lots of other families using her from centreparcs.

The food in the restaurant was ok, passable. Found the large restaurant which offered the buffet to be the worst out of the 3 restaurants.

The food shop had some crazy prices, a breast of chicken 8 euros? I can get 2 whole chickens for that price back home. Even a German family who go to a lot of centreparcs found Domaine des Trois Forêts to be expensive.

I would highly recommend staying in the 900 villas, I felt they were the best position and had a great woodland path to the main central bit. Be aware though there are quite a few hills so you will be fit if you cycle everywhere, which is not a bad thing.

Overall centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts is a great place if you speak German or French I don't think we will come back because no a/c and the fact there was nothing in English which is a real shame as it only takes 4 hrs to get here from where the ferry lands. Please take this as constructive criticism.

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