Friday, 26 February 2010

Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. introduces experiential learning through outdoor team activities

Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. introduces experiential learning through outdoor team activities

Experiential learning is now customised and permeates Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd., high-performance learning organisation.

Experiential learning is introduced to the company’s system because one of their core principles is to develop ‘leaders as teachers’ so that the leaders can pass on their vision, values and best practices to the next generation of managers. Moreover, the participative nature of an experiential pedagogy creates energy, fun, laughter and a less hierarchical interpretation of leadership amongst teams whilst conducting activities. After which, a debrief session will help the teams to reflect and then relate the events or experiences encountered while doing the activities (Willmott 1994; Trehan & Rigg 2007). Thus, reflecting and relating over past or ongoing experiences is significant as it helps in transforming the teams to be more effective while planning, working towards common missions, coordinating between teams and celebrating small victories (Reynolds 2009).

Moreover, ‘it is important to understand the company’s needs and goals, after which the experiential activities are designed to suit the set requirements as only then will an experiential learning prove to be such a profound influence for the organisation’, says the Training and Development Manager

Moreover, Appco Marketing India plans to first implement this practice in one of their cities. Only after completion, the effectiveness and outcomes will be evaluated and accordingly they will develop furthermore in the area of experiential learning which will be a tool to explore in depth dynamics that will work to the company’s best advantage.

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