Monday, 8 November 2010

White Water Rafting Scotland

White Water Rafting Scotland - Canyoning, Raftingg , white water Duckies are just some of the activities that you can do in Perthshire. Canyoning and Gorge scrambling a great fun activity available throughout Scotland. Involving scrambling snd climbing up or down small rivers & canyons.

White Water Rafting is not for the faint-hearted, but an exhilarating ride down a raging river in an inflatable rafting boat provides excitement that will be difficult to beat on any Cairns holiday. The white water rafts are tough inflatable's with self-draining floors. White water rafting is offered all year round although the rivers will change depending on the rivers water level. For both novice and expert rafters, it is an exhilarating trip down one of the most scenic stretches of the well known Scottish rivers. White water rafting in Scotland can be a day trip, or it can last longer. Regardless your experience some of the best rafting the world has to offer.

Friday, 24 September 2010

ANB Promotions Ltd shines at Appco Group Convention 2010

ANB Promotions Ltd makes its presence felt in a big way at the Appco Group Convention 2010 when Mark Cox, the Managing Director of the company picked up the prestigious Marketing Company of the Year award at the Convention.

Expressing happiness at the award, Mark Cox says, “I believe the award isn’t based on the last twelve months; the results we’ve achieved in the last year are a by product of the environment in the office: it’s been set up like a training school rather than just a sales office, with a sales‐based trainer. I’m a believer in showing the FRs what is possible, not only over one, two, or three months, but consistently setting the pace to show them it’s possible to have fifty FRs in a Marketing Company and consistently do 200 sales a week.”

Mark Cox could take ANB Promotions to great heights as he has always believed in working hard. He is also a hard taskmaster. Says Mark, “I demand high standards from myself. I am not afraid to demand the same from those around me.” He also believes in giving freshers a start. “I teach my people early on how to have a first gen on their team. I have a full-time Recruitment Manager to ensure this happens. It’s important to have a consistent stream of new starters each week.”, says Mark Cox.
ANB Promotions has a real good sales force working round the clock and thinking up new things that would contribute towards keeping the whole show going on. The FRs are well‐travelled, which keeps them fresh.
Mark Cox says he owes the award to his team, “Honestly, my goal wasn’t to win the award, but to develop some great people. It only entered my head later on. You can’t be obsessed with the award, rather focus on the new people coming through in your office. Spend time with them, travel with them and invest in them. Your people are constantly changing their situation and you need to focus on them. Their success will lead to your award or any other award, as well as promotion within the business.”

ANB Promotions definitely owes its growth to such a dynamic Managing Director, who believes in working hard even in the spare time he gets so that at a later stage in the growth of the company he can spare time to travel with his daughter.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation staff work together daily to share ideas, resources, knowledge and best practice. Together we strive to help clients achieve their customer acquisition targets and increase their brand awareness in the most professional and in the most cost effective way.

Coulson Organisation Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground. It is specifically tailored for each individual and includes one-to-one coaching conducted in a relaxed and fun environment. Click here to read about some of the people that have already completed the programme.

The Business Development Programme at Coulson Organisation is a 5 stage programme that will allow you to develop all the skills necessary at every level. By completing the programme you will become competent in the skills required to manage a successful marketing company. You have the opportunity to progress at your own rate with no restrictions whatsoever. The people that successfully complete the business development programme normally do so within twelve to twenty four months.

Coulson Organisation are also aware about the news recently talking about charity scams, that's why Coulson are only working with household names. Read up more on Coulson Organisations Scam and how they work with charities.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts review

We are just finishing off our week at centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts and thought I would put my penny's worth in and give you our review.

When we arrived it was a little tricky to find Domaine des Trois Forets as there were not many signs until you get close to the centreparcs. When we arrived it was 36c and very clammy so I was looking forward to getting in the villa and turning the air conditioning. Unfortunately there was no welcome folder or instructions and it took about 1 hour before we realized there was NO air conditioning.

Overall the centreparcs was very good, but a few things we did not like and will put is off coming back again unless fixed.

We arrived to find nothing in English, it was either French or German. No menus, manuals or instructions were in English. This also meant none of the activities were in English. Although not a massive issue for us it did put us off putting our kids in activities. If they have a website in English and a promotional video in English then why not have English in the centre?

We had 2 young kids and there was not 1 washing machine on site? Kids + outside + holidays = dirty clothes surely some one at centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts would know that. So why did they decide not to offer such a service. We ended up using a laundrette 12 miles away in Strassbourg, and the owner said she had lots of other families using her from centreparcs.

The food in the restaurant was ok, passable. Found the large restaurant which offered the buffet to be the worst out of the 3 restaurants.

The food shop had some crazy prices, a breast of chicken 8 euros? I can get 2 whole chickens for that price back home. Even a German family who go to a lot of centreparcs found Domaine des Trois Forêts to be expensive.

I would highly recommend staying in the 900 villas, I felt they were the best position and had a great woodland path to the main central bit. Be aware though there are quite a few hills so you will be fit if you cycle everywhere, which is not a bad thing.

Overall centreparcs Domaine des Trois Forêts is a great place if you speak German or French I don't think we will come back because no a/c and the fact there was nothing in English which is a real shame as it only takes 4 hrs to get here from where the ferry lands. Please take this as constructive criticism.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. introduces experiential learning through outdoor team activities

Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. introduces experiential learning through outdoor team activities

Experiential learning is now customised and permeates Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd., high-performance learning organisation.

Experiential learning is introduced to the company’s system because one of their core principles is to develop ‘leaders as teachers’ so that the leaders can pass on their vision, values and best practices to the next generation of managers. Moreover, the participative nature of an experiential pedagogy creates energy, fun, laughter and a less hierarchical interpretation of leadership amongst teams whilst conducting activities. After which, a debrief session will help the teams to reflect and then relate the events or experiences encountered while doing the activities (Willmott 1994; Trehan & Rigg 2007). Thus, reflecting and relating over past or ongoing experiences is significant as it helps in transforming the teams to be more effective while planning, working towards common missions, coordinating between teams and celebrating small victories (Reynolds 2009).

Moreover, ‘it is important to understand the company’s needs and goals, after which the experiential activities are designed to suit the set requirements as only then will an experiential learning prove to be such a profound influence for the organisation’, says the Training and Development Manager

Moreover, Appco Marketing India plans to first implement this practice in one of their cities. Only after completion, the effectiveness and outcomes will be evaluated and accordingly they will develop furthermore in the area of experiential learning which will be a tool to explore in depth dynamics that will work to the company’s best advantage.

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Rage against the bankers

So what will be interesting is to see how the Facebook group does Rage Against The Bankers see if it can get enough momentum from social network sites alone. The effect of Rage Against The Machine really shows how this can be done.

What is apparent is how fast a group that goes after a hot topic can gain momentum very quickly from social sites.

Watch this space.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ericht Lodge up for sale Fixed £400,000 - My House

See more about Ericht Lodge

Garden, large house and garden

almost 1 acre of land

Front room of Ericht Lodge

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Celica Marketing Setting The Pace

Celica Marketing have gone from strength to strength being one of Glasgow’s fastest growing sales and marketing company. Their focus is very much on event marketing.

Dealing with household names Celica has set a standard of sales and deliverance very few companies manage to attain.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Jobs Scotland

Hopefully 2010 will see Scotland Jobs on the increase, many industries remain quite strong including the tourism industry. There has been many more people deciding to stay in the UK for holidays and with many more people visiting from Euro countries like Italy has helped re enforce this.

Also the Internet allows many opportunities for people to start a business from home with very little start up capital. So for people who are looking for to gain employment in Scotland, it maybe a good time to start training up in web design and the Internet.

Often many entrepreneurs come out of a recession when their back is put up against a wall.