Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cobra Group - How it helped me succeed

I started with Tuscan Marketing in Newcastle at the age of 20 in 1992. Tuscan was affiliated with the Cobra Group. Having graduated from my HND in Hospitality Management I knew a career in hotels was not for me.

Tuscan trained me on how to do direct sales business to business. I picked up the techniques very quickly and was earning a good income. Back then we were selling all types of products from calculators to vibrating pillows (yeah I know).

I learned so many skills from the training I got using Cobra's proven sales system and my self confidence grew ten fold. I can directly connect the skills I take for granted today from what I learned out on the field:

  • Having a positive attitude
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
Having left Cobra Group (after running successful sales offices across the UK) 10 years later, I set up my own Internet businesses and from that have opened several other very successful businesses, all using the skills I learned from doing direct sales back in the 90's with Cobra.

Because our products changed at Tuscan on a weekly basis we never became product junkies, so each week we had to work out what were hook lines to sell the new product. I still use exactly the same skills now when setting up a company, launching a new service or promoting a new website, how do we sell this.

I would not be where I am today if it was not for the sound training I got and all the positive encouragement that the company gave. The one line that always sticks with me, "It does not matter how many times you fail, you only have to succeed once".

Is the glass half full or half empty.... who cares drink it anyway, it's probably free.

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