Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cobra Reigns in the Marketing World

Cobra Group commenced as a consumer product division and expanded its business into Telecommunication, Insurance, Energy, Home Security, Charity, Sports Marketing, etc., within a span of 20 years. With this market experience and proficiency Cobra has expanded to over 20 countries.
The Cobra Group offers a unique opportunity to develop individuals to excellence by virtue of a worldwide network of contracted marketing companies, which engage individuals in an innovative and progressive structure. Regular conferences are held in stimulating city locations around the world, and all events are designed to continually support learning and development.
Whether you are a business looking to quickly and effectively expand your customer base, or an individual with great leadership qualities who is searching for an exciting and rewarding career change, The Cobra Group and its affiliate network helps you to achieve your goals.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Cobra Group Your Partner to Success

The Cobra Group plc serves hundreds of leading clients in a range of market sectors world wide. The growth of the Cobra Group for more than 20 years has been solely dependent upon the development of its people. Without a strong bias towards recruitment, training and quality throughout every level of the company, Cobra has been able to contribute towards the outstanding success of so many of its clients. The company has a global reach to generate massive brand awareness, and deliver to its business unprecedented volumes of new customers. The company is dedicated to provide strategic acquisition solutions and generate the best possible return of investment for the clients. Cobra's policy to find performance-driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service has been proven as its Key Element of Success over the years.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cobra rules the market; and directs it too

The Cobra Group, the undisputed leader in the direct marketing sector, has not only been ruling the market, but directing it too, to a very great extent.

It's simple and rather easy for the Cobra Group to be the leader in the world market. The well-researched work that backs it all up and the hard work and dedication of the Cobra team, or rather Cobra's 'army' of sales and marketing professionals have all been instrumental in Cobra emerging triumphant in each one of its marketing ventures. Leading companies all the world over have always been vouching their support for Cobra and Cobra alone. For customers, Cobra Group has always been the first choice.

As for directing the world market, Cobra Group professionals are so well-informed of changing trends and the ups and downs in market demands and all that they are always able to predict things with precision. This kind of a foresight has always helped the Cobra Group direct the market, playing a very decisive role on the whole. The brilliant strategists that they are, Cobra professionals even pave the way to setting new trends in the direct marketing sector.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What Cobra can do for you?

1.If you are a client company:
If you are a client of the Cobra Group, you can rest assured because Cobra will take care of your products and your interests. Cobra knows the pulse of the market and also has a good understanding of changing trends. Cobra Group will take your products directly to the customers and also promote it using B2B Marketing techniques, event marketing/site marketing techniques et al. Cobra will also provide you with sufficient manpower in terms of experienced and dedicated sales and marketing personnel to promote your products/services.
2.If you are a customer:
If you are a Cobra Group customer, then Cobra Group will take care of your needs. Cobra Group knows you very well, just like someone in your family, and has an idea of what you or your family would require, from time to time. Cobra also has an idea of your budget and budget-related constraints. So from time to time, Cobra professionals would bring right to your doorstep what all you need to better your life and living standards and you can rest assured that Cobra will only choose for you what is good, or rather what is best. In short Cobra will do your shopping for you.
3.If you are unemployed
If you are by any chance unemployed and looking for a good job, Cobra could provide you with jobs that are not only challenging, but satisfying too. Cobra Group being a marketing group, it shouldn't be thought that the opportunities are for sales or marketing professionals only. Cobra knows how to bring out the marketing professional in you and also knows how to help you utilize such hidden potentials to the maximum, for your benefit and for the benefit of the whole marketing community.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Cobra Group succeeds wherever it goes

The Cobra Group is a direct sales and marketing company, it provides customer acquisition, promotional, and direct marketing solutions in the United Kingdom and many more countries far reaching to South East Asian Countries. It also offers sports, residential, and site marketing solutions. The company serves utilities, telephony, financial services/insurance, home security, pay television, charities, merchandising, and consumer products market sectors. It has operations in Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, and the Netherlands.
Cobra's policy to find performance-driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service has been proven as one of Cobra's Key Element of Success over the years.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cobra Group: Miles to go?

Miles and miles to go-that has always been and will always be Cobra's motto. When Cobra began its activities about two decades back, the marketing professionals made it up in their minds that they have miles and miles to go and should think big. And from there, from this kind of an attitude Cobra made its beginning. The result was that from the early days itself Cobra started showing results, real big, spectacular results. Then on, there was no looking back for Cobra and Cobra professionals.

Even today, with a reputation that it has earned with twenty successful years in the market, the Cobra Group retains the same attitude, the same motto. Every morning the sales and marketing professionals remind themselves that they still have miles and miles to go. This thought, this attitude puts them in the right track and spurs them on to a day of active and zestful marketing, only to emerge with the best of results.

Cobra has down the years earned an enviable kind of track record and reputation and has become an indisputable leader in the direct marketing sector. And the Cobra Group has won and retained the love and goodwill of its clients as well as its customers. But still Cobra Group professionals remain as humble and dedicated as ever and always remind themselves, “Yes, we still have miles and miles to go”. The result? Cobra is miles and miles ahead of other companies and marketing groups.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cobra provides solace in the times of recession

The Cobra Group, spread across 22 countries and with more than 800 companies under its fold, offers the much-needed relief at a time when the whole of the world is hit by 'recession blues' (a term unknown at Cobra!).

Wherever you are and whoever you are, the Cobra Group offers you employment opportunities in the world of marketing- personal, direct marketing. Cobra believes that there is a marketing professional hidden in each and every individual and hence believes in tapping such hidden potentials. It's this belief and its uncompromising and ever-zealous pursuit for success that makes Cobra the most sought after name in the times of recession.

For Cobra, the world itself is an ever-expanding market, even in the times of recession. And success is nothing but an every-day reality for the Cobra Group.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Cobra Group

Cobra Group is very much a Global player in direct marketing. Cobra Group is now in over 20 countries dealing with large well known house hold brands.