Sunday, 4 January 2009

What on Earth to do next?

So after day of taking down the Christmas decorations and managing to squeeze the xmas tree into the pick up, I started my short journey to the the tip / recycling centre. After watching the BBC news this morning about how that the recycling companies are not being able to sell

on the recycling rubbish it suddenly dawned on me, what is the point?

I have done my fair share of sorting out the rubbish so much of it can be recycled, but the bigger issue that bugs me really is there are too many people on the planet and we consume way to much. The way I see it we have 2 options:

  1. We go back to feeding ourselves (if we can remember how to) working on the land / crofting and smaller communities working together, the real issue with this is, there is not enough land for the population to do it. Which probably means we are now dependant on intensive farming. If we stopped worrying about world domination and trying to expand business across many countries then we could probably all become more self sufficient. The other issue is things like washing machines have taken away much of the daily jobs in the home, the question is has it made us any happier? Probably not, if your like our family you end up going to the shops and spending more money on stuff you did not really need.
  2. The second option I find more exciting, we start to expand onto other planets and start mining off the Galaxy for resources. I would love to think we could do it as a civilisation, but we can't stop fighting over land and religion, so until we resolves these issues we cannot unite as a planet and become space fares.

Anyway that was my New Years thought.

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