Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Topsider Homes

Topsider Homes who have been manufacturing quality homes for 40 years have been awarded 2009 award stars by North Carolina Home Builders Associates.

They have also won best website and best brochure and direct mail piece. It's no wonder they have grown to the size they have with customer service being at the top of their agenda.

Areas Topsider Homes have focused on over recent years include hurricane proof homes, with disasters hitting many parts of the world. Their buildings are engineered to deal with the force that hurricans can throw at them, these have included direct hits from Andrew in the Bahamas and Florida, Hugo in the USVI, and Ivan, to name a few.

With the Copenhagen climate council going on in Denmark being green and eco-friendly is close to many people hearts. Topsider Homes look for the best efficiency they can possibly achieve, to reduce as much carbon footprints as possible.

Topsider homes facebook page

Saturday, 5 December 2009

5 Bedroom House In Blairgowrie Selling For 50% Of Cost To Build

I was looking at my home report and realised that Ericht Lodge is actually selling for less than 50% of what it would cost to build. That has to be fantastic value for money. If I was able to move my house from it's present location in Blairgowrie and into Perth the house would be on the market at £810,000.

For some reason Rattray is kind of discounted as not a popular place to stay, but we love it here. It's great and there is a real community feel to the area, we are moving because we need to be closer to an airport as we travel allot.

So if you want a house for half price then get in touch, we are selling Ericht lodge for £400,000 fixed. 5 Bedrooms, 2 kitchens and loads more. See our full description and photos here. House for sale Perthshire.

Monday, 30 November 2009

New Homes Near Perth in Perthshire

Druids Park is a delightful new housing development located 10 miles North of Perth. The new houses are built to a very high standard and for once without trying to cram as many properties into an area of land.

So many new building developments just squeeze houses so closely together that they should be actually called terraced houses. The Druids Park is located in an old hospital ground with mature gardens dotted everywhere. Each house has a nice size garden and drive way. The design of the properties are also built to a very high specification offering luxury living.

The final phase of this new building development is well under way, so make sure you booking a viewing time sooner rather than later so you don't miss out on these fantastic new houses. Druids Park is located about 5 minutes from the A9 making it ideal to commute to Perth.

Fro more information visit the Perthshire Builders website

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bad Reputation Management On A Country Level

Having spend most of this week in Kerala, South India I have had BBC World service on most of the week. In the last 2 days I have heard about 2 separate countries and how their reputation is probably destroying 1000's of perfectly good businesses just because they are based in the country.

Hermitage Capital Management went from $25 million to $4 billion by investing in undervalued Russian companies. Today its founder, Bill Browder, MBA '89, says anyone investing in Russia long term "is out of their mind.

For more detail

Today there is talk in the news about how Dubai World basically the government can't afford to pay their debts yet and need more time.

How many people will not invest in either of these countries regardless of how genuine the opportunity is.

Governments really need to understand the impact of a negative reputation and how long it can last for.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Reputation Management is a must for companies

It's more apparent now than ever before that reputation management is a must for companies. So what is reputation management? Basically as the net has produced services like social network site, blogs and other channels customers have been empowered to really voice their views.

Effectively anybody can now be a journalist with just a phone, more often than not Twitter is pushing out news before the major news channels like the BBC and CNN. Celebrity reputation management is also crucial, you can't go anywhere now without someone taking a photo and uploading it to facebook within seconds.

To combat negative content can be a challenge but being pro active can certainly help. Check out for more ideas.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cobra Group - How it helped me succeed

I started with Tuscan Marketing in Newcastle at the age of 20 in 1992. Tuscan was affiliated with the Cobra Group. Having graduated from my HND in Hospitality Management I knew a career in hotels was not for me.

Tuscan trained me on how to do direct sales business to business. I picked up the techniques very quickly and was earning a good income. Back then we were selling all types of products from calculators to vibrating pillows (yeah I know).

I learned so many skills from the training I got using Cobra's proven sales system and my self confidence grew ten fold. I can directly connect the skills I take for granted today from what I learned out on the field:

  • Having a positive attitude
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
Having left Cobra Group (after running successful sales offices across the UK) 10 years later, I set up my own Internet businesses and from that have opened several other very successful businesses, all using the skills I learned from doing direct sales back in the 90's with Cobra.

Because our products changed at Tuscan on a weekly basis we never became product junkies, so each week we had to work out what were hook lines to sell the new product. I still use exactly the same skills now when setting up a company, launching a new service or promoting a new website, how do we sell this.

I would not be where I am today if it was not for the sound training I got and all the positive encouragement that the company gave. The one line that always sticks with me, "It does not matter how many times you fail, you only have to succeed once".

Is the glass half full or half empty.... who cares drink it anyway, it's probably free.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cobra Reigns in the Marketing World

Cobra Group commenced as a consumer product division and expanded its business into Telecommunication, Insurance, Energy, Home Security, Charity, Sports Marketing, etc., within a span of 20 years. With this market experience and proficiency Cobra has expanded to over 20 countries.
The Cobra Group offers a unique opportunity to develop individuals to excellence by virtue of a worldwide network of contracted marketing companies, which engage individuals in an innovative and progressive structure. Regular conferences are held in stimulating city locations around the world, and all events are designed to continually support learning and development.
Whether you are a business looking to quickly and effectively expand your customer base, or an individual with great leadership qualities who is searching for an exciting and rewarding career change, The Cobra Group and its affiliate network helps you to achieve your goals.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Cobra Group Your Partner to Success

The Cobra Group plc serves hundreds of leading clients in a range of market sectors world wide. The growth of the Cobra Group for more than 20 years has been solely dependent upon the development of its people. Without a strong bias towards recruitment, training and quality throughout every level of the company, Cobra has been able to contribute towards the outstanding success of so many of its clients. The company has a global reach to generate massive brand awareness, and deliver to its business unprecedented volumes of new customers. The company is dedicated to provide strategic acquisition solutions and generate the best possible return of investment for the clients. Cobra's policy to find performance-driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service has been proven as its Key Element of Success over the years.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cobra rules the market; and directs it too

The Cobra Group, the undisputed leader in the direct marketing sector, has not only been ruling the market, but directing it too, to a very great extent.

It's simple and rather easy for the Cobra Group to be the leader in the world market. The well-researched work that backs it all up and the hard work and dedication of the Cobra team, or rather Cobra's 'army' of sales and marketing professionals have all been instrumental in Cobra emerging triumphant in each one of its marketing ventures. Leading companies all the world over have always been vouching their support for Cobra and Cobra alone. For customers, Cobra Group has always been the first choice.

As for directing the world market, Cobra Group professionals are so well-informed of changing trends and the ups and downs in market demands and all that they are always able to predict things with precision. This kind of a foresight has always helped the Cobra Group direct the market, playing a very decisive role on the whole. The brilliant strategists that they are, Cobra professionals even pave the way to setting new trends in the direct marketing sector.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What Cobra can do for you?

1.If you are a client company:
If you are a client of the Cobra Group, you can rest assured because Cobra will take care of your products and your interests. Cobra knows the pulse of the market and also has a good understanding of changing trends. Cobra Group will take your products directly to the customers and also promote it using B2B Marketing techniques, event marketing/site marketing techniques et al. Cobra will also provide you with sufficient manpower in terms of experienced and dedicated sales and marketing personnel to promote your products/services.
2.If you are a customer:
If you are a Cobra Group customer, then Cobra Group will take care of your needs. Cobra Group knows you very well, just like someone in your family, and has an idea of what you or your family would require, from time to time. Cobra also has an idea of your budget and budget-related constraints. So from time to time, Cobra professionals would bring right to your doorstep what all you need to better your life and living standards and you can rest assured that Cobra will only choose for you what is good, or rather what is best. In short Cobra will do your shopping for you.
3.If you are unemployed
If you are by any chance unemployed and looking for a good job, Cobra could provide you with jobs that are not only challenging, but satisfying too. Cobra Group being a marketing group, it shouldn't be thought that the opportunities are for sales or marketing professionals only. Cobra knows how to bring out the marketing professional in you and also knows how to help you utilize such hidden potentials to the maximum, for your benefit and for the benefit of the whole marketing community.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Cobra Group succeeds wherever it goes

The Cobra Group is a direct sales and marketing company, it provides customer acquisition, promotional, and direct marketing solutions in the United Kingdom and many more countries far reaching to South East Asian Countries. It also offers sports, residential, and site marketing solutions. The company serves utilities, telephony, financial services/insurance, home security, pay television, charities, merchandising, and consumer products market sectors. It has operations in Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, and the Netherlands.
Cobra's policy to find performance-driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service has been proven as one of Cobra's Key Element of Success over the years.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cobra Group: Miles to go?

Miles and miles to go-that has always been and will always be Cobra's motto. When Cobra began its activities about two decades back, the marketing professionals made it up in their minds that they have miles and miles to go and should think big. And from there, from this kind of an attitude Cobra made its beginning. The result was that from the early days itself Cobra started showing results, real big, spectacular results. Then on, there was no looking back for Cobra and Cobra professionals.

Even today, with a reputation that it has earned with twenty successful years in the market, the Cobra Group retains the same attitude, the same motto. Every morning the sales and marketing professionals remind themselves that they still have miles and miles to go. This thought, this attitude puts them in the right track and spurs them on to a day of active and zestful marketing, only to emerge with the best of results.

Cobra has down the years earned an enviable kind of track record and reputation and has become an indisputable leader in the direct marketing sector. And the Cobra Group has won and retained the love and goodwill of its clients as well as its customers. But still Cobra Group professionals remain as humble and dedicated as ever and always remind themselves, “Yes, we still have miles and miles to go”. The result? Cobra is miles and miles ahead of other companies and marketing groups.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cobra provides solace in the times of recession

The Cobra Group, spread across 22 countries and with more than 800 companies under its fold, offers the much-needed relief at a time when the whole of the world is hit by 'recession blues' (a term unknown at Cobra!).

Wherever you are and whoever you are, the Cobra Group offers you employment opportunities in the world of marketing- personal, direct marketing. Cobra believes that there is a marketing professional hidden in each and every individual and hence believes in tapping such hidden potentials. It's this belief and its uncompromising and ever-zealous pursuit for success that makes Cobra the most sought after name in the times of recession.

For Cobra, the world itself is an ever-expanding market, even in the times of recession. And success is nothing but an every-day reality for the Cobra Group.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Cobra Group

Cobra Group is very much a Global player in direct marketing. Cobra Group is now in over 20 countries dealing with large well known house hold brands.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Oranjeark BV

Oranjeark BV have launched a new site in Holland

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sea Kayaking Holidays

Sea Kayaking is an exciting sport and an exhilarating recreational activity. If you are done with all the crazy stuff on land and sky, embark on a Sea Kayaking holidays. Novices who are just toying with the idea, enroll yourself in a Sea kayaking Course to get a hang of it. A few tips here and there can be very handy when you are caught in the sea. You can easily pick up simple techniques such as forward and reverse paddling and the stern rudder stroke which can keep you steady and going.

This fun-filled activity is definitely not for the faint-hearted. So its important to be emotionally prepared and physically fit, In fact, the activity is a sure test of your endurance and stamina. While Sea Kayaking is a fun activity, it is also a splendid opportunity to see all those lovely destinations which were otherwise unaccessible. Wild life enthusiasts will cherish this opportunity to watch the wild life at close quarters. So when you are planning your next holiday, squeeze in a few hours of sea kayaking into it. We recommend you to brush up your swimming skills, lest there is trouble!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

What on Earth to do next?

So after day of taking down the Christmas decorations and managing to squeeze the xmas tree into the pick up, I started my short journey to the the tip / recycling centre. After watching the BBC news this morning about how that the recycling companies are not being able to sell

on the recycling rubbish it suddenly dawned on me, what is the point?

I have done my fair share of sorting out the rubbish so much of it can be recycled, but the bigger issue that bugs me really is there are too many people on the planet and we consume way to much. The way I see it we have 2 options:

  1. We go back to feeding ourselves (if we can remember how to) working on the land / crofting and smaller communities working together, the real issue with this is, there is not enough land for the population to do it. Which probably means we are now dependant on intensive farming. If we stopped worrying about world domination and trying to expand business across many countries then we could probably all become more self sufficient. The other issue is things like washing machines have taken away much of the daily jobs in the home, the question is has it made us any happier? Probably not, if your like our family you end up going to the shops and spending more money on stuff you did not really need.
  2. The second option I find more exciting, we start to expand onto other planets and start mining off the Galaxy for resources. I would love to think we could do it as a civilisation, but we can't stop fighting over land and religion, so until we resolves these issues we cannot unite as a planet and become space fares.

Anyway that was my New Years thought.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Reputation Management

Reputation Management - I think 2009 will be the year that people in business will realise how powerful the Internet really is. Most people look at seo as a way of getting their websites to number one. In the past if a company had offered a bad service then normally people would only mention their experience to a few friends and family.

2009 will be the year that companies will start to find more and more negative content about them on the net if their standard of customer service or products are not up to scratch. Like SEO it will take companies time to understand what reputation management is all about and how to deal with it.

Take for example a local plumber in Blairgowire Peter Drummond, I called them to come out to give me advice and price on some work. They told me they would come out in the next week to do a fairly simple job. 2 weeks went by and no one showed up, so I called again about 3 weeks ago, again they said a plumber would be out to do the job early the following week. Again guess what no show... so just before Christmas I called P Drummond and spoke to a lady, after telling her, I can understand if staff are ill or emergency happens and that their staff cannot always make appointments. What I did explain was that there is absolutely no excuse for them not calling me to say no one was going to show. I am absolutely convinced that companies like this don't realise how easy it is now to write about them on the net, another customer looking for a plumber in Blairgowrie could easily find this blog and read it, then be put off using them.

So the lesson really is; no longer is the message of bad customer service passed on in the queue in the local post office but recorded for more and more people to find on the net.

We are often being asked to help more and more companies with their reputation on the net, give me a shout if you need such a service.