Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Don't wash your hair with mouth wash

Just back from Chicago at the RSNA, stayed at the Hilton at the Indian Lake Resort, I have to say the staff were absolutely fantastic, probably the best. I have never had service like it and take my hat of to the team. I forgot to take down the guys name in charge of Reception, he was absolutely excellent and the kids loved them. The restaurant team were great as well!!!

One wee note don't wash you hair with mouthwash it stings your eyes and you smell like Polo's all day. Sounds mad but the shampoo and mouthwash are in similar bottles and both blue so if you wake up and running late take the time to read the label ;-)

When I arrived in London I decided to stay near Green Park, becaude of my enjoyable stay at the last Hilton I decided to stay at Hilton Green Park, unfortunately when i asked for the best room rate they quoted £175 bb. I asked if interent was in the rooms which they said it was, however they did not tell me it was it was £15 extra... very annouying. When I checked out she then added taxes on top? I told her in the UK when people get quoted a price its always including tax, she said that was not the case. I asked for the rate card which i signed, it said room rate £175, it did not say excluding taxes. After pointing this out and saying I was going to bring this up with trading standards they did not charge me the extra £26.

Very naughty Hilton Green Park, you may have got away with this due to the amount of International guests you have but anybody in the UK would expect rates to include taxes.

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