Friday, 19 December 2008

Car Hire Prices Europcar Paris vrs Budget Chicago

I've done a lot of travelling and used my natwest yourpoints to hire cars thinking it was a good idea....

Booked a car with Europcar in Paris Charles de Gaul airport using my points, thinking the car was not going to cost me anything. So I picked it up Friday and returned it Sunday to terminal 2.

Just got my bill in and I have been charged an extra 244.66 (total cost Euros 403) on top, as you can imagine I was a bit flabbergasted...

So they charged me 37.63 x 2 for child seats that were absolutely disgusting, plus we had to fit them... parking fee of 23.40 fuel charges of 35

So just got back from Chicago and hired a car for a week, fuel was included in the deal, got brand new car seats for the kids, total extra cost 200. Hmmm something not quite right here how can a car for 3 days cost more than a top of the range car for a week.

My advice if travelling to Paris Disney Land just jump on the train in turns out much cheaper and less hassle.

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