Thursday, 16 October 2008

India's Tourist Visa - Indian Travel

I have to travel to Kerala, India several times a year and have to say getting a visa always always makes my blood boil.

I know in recent months the Indian embassy seems to have made it even more difficult to get a tourist visa. as they have outsourced Not only are the prices confusing but they charge £1 per minute if you call for advice or updates (welcome to India). I wonder how many people are put off going to India because of the Visa requirement. I am totally baffled why India insists on tourists getting a visa, don't they realise how much business and income this great country is missing out on.

Take for example one of the fastest growing markets in the travel business, last minute bookings. If you don't have an Indian tourist visa, then you are unable to make a last minute booking to the country, so people will choose other destinations instead.

I would love to hear any nightmare stories about people trying to get a tourist visa, I will collect all the stories and present them to the tourist department of the Indian government.

Hopefully enough people frustrated like me can make a difference.

I have started an Indian Visa campaign here.

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