Friday, 19 December 2008

Car Hire Prices Europcar Paris vrs Budget Chicago

I've done a lot of travelling and used my natwest yourpoints to hire cars thinking it was a good idea....

Booked a car with Europcar in Paris Charles de Gaul airport using my points, thinking the car was not going to cost me anything. So I picked it up Friday and returned it Sunday to terminal 2.

Just got my bill in and I have been charged an extra 244.66 (total cost Euros 403) on top, as you can imagine I was a bit flabbergasted...

So they charged me 37.63 x 2 for child seats that were absolutely disgusting, plus we had to fit them... parking fee of 23.40 fuel charges of 35

So just got back from Chicago and hired a car for a week, fuel was included in the deal, got brand new car seats for the kids, total extra cost 200. Hmmm something not quite right here how can a car for 3 days cost more than a top of the range car for a week.

My advice if travelling to Paris Disney Land just jump on the train in turns out much cheaper and less hassle.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Don't wash your hair with mouth wash

Just back from Chicago at the RSNA, stayed at the Hilton at the Indian Lake Resort, I have to say the staff were absolutely fantastic, probably the best. I have never had service like it and take my hat of to the team. I forgot to take down the guys name in charge of Reception, he was absolutely excellent and the kids loved them. The restaurant team were great as well!!!

One wee note don't wash you hair with mouthwash it stings your eyes and you smell like Polo's all day. Sounds mad but the shampoo and mouthwash are in similar bottles and both blue so if you wake up and running late take the time to read the label ;-)

When I arrived in London I decided to stay near Green Park, becaude of my enjoyable stay at the last Hilton I decided to stay at Hilton Green Park, unfortunately when i asked for the best room rate they quoted £175 bb. I asked if interent was in the rooms which they said it was, however they did not tell me it was it was £15 extra... very annouying. When I checked out she then added taxes on top? I told her in the UK when people get quoted a price its always including tax, she said that was not the case. I asked for the rate card which i signed, it said room rate £175, it did not say excluding taxes. After pointing this out and saying I was going to bring this up with trading standards they did not charge me the extra £26.

Very naughty Hilton Green Park, you may have got away with this due to the amount of International guests you have but anybody in the UK would expect rates to include taxes.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Our Letter to KTM

18th November 2008
Dear Mr. Najeeb,
Thankyou for giving the members of KTM an opportunity to address political decision makers with some of the challenges we see for the Keralan and Indian tourist industry. A key challenge is to address the issue of tourists visas. Our experience of tourist visas has been uniformly poor: delays, issues with paperwork and uncertainty about the process. Visa offices and the new outsourced visa issuing process is capricious, the behaviour of staff is officious and thoroughly unwelcoming and seemingly random issues with paperwork is grounds for refusal of visa. At a time when so many countries offer visa on arrival, there can be no requirement for the pre-issuing of visas.

We are aware of many visitors who are choosing against India simply on the grounds of visa problems. With Thailand and Sri Lanka so close, why bother with the problem of a visa with the requirement to send off passports. I know Britain makes it very difficult for Indians to travel to the UK but that's no reason to put off the British from coming to India to spend their money. I don't understand why the UK makes it so difficult (especially with our close relationship in the past), maybe they are not interested in Indian tourism which is foolish as you have one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

In the UK last minute bookings are now 60% of our bookings, why don't the government allow people to fill out a card on the plane as is the case with the US. Enabling last minute booking and providing a seemless visa service are future prerequisites for growth in tourism in India.

On a connected, but separate note, Kerala can demonstrate its commitment to a new experience by addressing the passport control situation at Cochin Airport. Things have come to a pretty pass when it is easier to enter India through Mumbai than Cochin. On arrival, passengers should enter a single queue for passport control and there should be customer service teams available to guide and advise visitors. Staff should be trained to expedite the process and a training in “smiling and welcoming” should be imposed so that visitors first welcome should be friendly. Similarly departing passengers should not be required to queue repeatedly to leave the country. A straightforward and managed process for passing through customs, passport control and security should be designed and implemented.

Warm regards,

Mark Scott
Managing Director
HelpMeGo.To Ltd

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Celica Marketing Glasgow

Celica Marketing are based in Glasgow offering opportunities for ambitious and motivated people. If you want a challenging career then give Celica Marketing a call

If you want more information about Celica Marketing check out the Twitter

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

UK Family Holidays Nottinghamshire

UK Family Holidays are set to rise in 2009 with cost of travel and everyone really feeling the credit crunch. This is a great time to explore the UK and really find out what this great country has to offer.

You don't have to sit a beach on some island to relax and enjoy yourself, there is so much going on right here on your doorstep. Why not check out Robin Hood country and Sherwood forest or if you want a great deal on Nottingham Hotels check out the tourist board website.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

India's Tourist Visa - Indian Travel

I have to travel to Kerala, India several times a year and have to say getting a visa always always makes my blood boil.

I know in recent months the Indian embassy seems to have made it even more difficult to get a tourist visa. as they have outsourced Not only are the prices confusing but they charge £1 per minute if you call for advice or updates (welcome to India). I wonder how many people are put off going to India because of the Visa requirement. I am totally baffled why India insists on tourists getting a visa, don't they realise how much business and income this great country is missing out on.

Take for example one of the fastest growing markets in the travel business, last minute bookings. If you don't have an Indian tourist visa, then you are unable to make a last minute booking to the country, so people will choose other destinations instead.

I would love to hear any nightmare stories about people trying to get a tourist visa, I will collect all the stories and present them to the tourist department of the Indian government.

Hopefully enough people frustrated like me can make a difference.

I have started an Indian Visa campaign here.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Kerela Hotels

While doing some research on Kerala Hotels in noticed on of the biggest spelling mistakes was kerela hotels, so in order to tack advantage of it we created a Kerela Hotels page.