Wednesday, 7 November 2007

PR - Be Careful

We used Woolfson Communications ran by Rosalind Woolfson to help with our PR. This is the first time I have used a PR company to help with marketing.

I have to say in my own opinion since taking on Woolfson Communications over the last 6 months we've had an OK response, but the money spent on Rosalind's service was definitely not as good as investment as money spent on SEO.

When I asked for the contract to be cancelled I was told by Woolfson Communications I would have to pay about 3k to get out of it. This seems to be absolutely crazy!!!

Is traditional PR really worth the money? Where SEO can bring in so much more for your buck. Woolfson Communications are now threatening to take us court for the money we are supposed to owe to get out of the contract. So they want money for nothing by the sounds of it.

So my advice, do real research, get positive feedback from other customers and make sure you read the small print.


R Woolfson said...

If these libellous and defamatory comments are not removed legal action will be taken.

Mark said...

These comments are my opinion.... fortunately we live in a country where I can talk freely about companies I've used without the threat of being sued. Please feel free to contribute to this article if you have a different opinion or point of view.