Friday, 1 June 2007

Stag Weekends: Honda Pilot Racing

Edinburgh is the preferred destination for hen and stag parties. It is not only its famous pubs and nightlife that draws stag groups to the city but also its wonderful array of outdoor sports and activities.

One of the top favourites is the Honda Pilot, suitable only for the more adventurous - those looking for more thrills than what karting and quad bikes can offer.
The Honda Pilot, a 400cc off road dune buggy, is synonymous with the top end of 'Off Road Karting', and is capable of driving over the most demanding terrain. These small single seaters have the off road ability of a quad bike and are much more robust than outdoor karts. They are equipped with bigger wheels to travel over uneven terrain, a roll bar and cage over the kart itself and a safety harness to keep the driver in the seat. Originally designed for sand dune racing in the US, all controls including brakes, steering and acceleration are controlled via the steering wheel.

Before starting off the drivers are given a full safety briefing; race suits and crash helmets are provided at the course. The event begins with a practice heat which is followed by qualifying heats. Then it’s the real thing – the exciting race against the clock and other drivers to set the fastest time around the custom made track. The drivers must try to remain on the track and keep heading in the right direction which is rather difficult considering the tricky nature of the course.

With Honda Pilots you get an alternative to outdoor karting - off road karting –in a very different vehicle and on more rugged terrain. Honda pilots are the ultimate in challenge for the more daring players

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