Friday, 1 June 2007

SEO seems to be just like fishing

SEO to me was very much just like fishing, you sit there for ages waiting for a bite, never knowing if you are in the right place, have the right bait or technique.

Coming from a sales background where results in many cases was instant to SEO where much of your efforts become unnoticed for months sometimes years. Well the key I think is to be patient and methodical.

Like any type of success whether its body building, painting pictures or creating a wonderful garden, it all takes time and a strict routine.

SEO can be very intimidating and misleading with so many forums and guesswork going on, not know which argument is correct. Well here are some basic principles I have picked up over time.

1. KISS - Keep It Short and Simple. The truth still stand that less is more, sites that do well have a clear and concise message and aren't cluttered with extra stuff. I know I leave a site straight away if I see an affiliate banner on a home page.

2. All services and products should be easily accessible, the 3 click theory. It should take 3 clicks to get where you want on a site.

3. Make sure your menu is easy for search engines to follow. Text based links are always best.

4. Go after good quality links. Passed experience has shown the harder it is to get a link from a site generally means the site is better. Try and get relevant sites to link to you, difficult if they are competition.

5. Definitely have a site map, this helps spiders and surfers navigate your site.

6. Write good articles about the industry you are in and submit them to article sites.

7. Bookmark your site on social bookmark sites using widgets

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8. Keep adding good content to your site.

This is just basic stuff that I do, the main thing is just to be patient and religious in your routine. Happy SEOing

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