Friday, 1 June 2007

Edinburgh Stag - Multiactivity day

Edinburgh is a wonderful city that attracts tourists for vastly different reasons, the historians, the scholars, the nature lovers and the stag and hen weekenders. For the last it is a popular destination, not only for its pubs and vibrant nightlife but also because of the wide choice of daytime activities it has to offer.
Any one coming to Edinburgh for their stag weekend can choose from an exhaustive list of fun activities including driving, country sports and outdoor pursuits to keep themselves busy during the day. Rather than sticking to any or two activities the day becomes more enjoyable by the correct choice and combination of various activities. Competitive activities along with classical team building games will make for an eventful day and you get the most from your weekend. Some popular choices are Honda Pilots, karting, clay shooting, and white water rafting.

When booking certain group activities a minimum number of ten or eight in a group is required in most centers. Of course you will have to pay more if you choose more activities, but the larger the group, the lesser the cost. Most centers offer combination packages, but groups can also go for combinations of their own.
When planning a multi activity day the distance between venues must also be taken into consideration, otherwise more time and money might be spend on travel. A group can choose its favourite activities from a vast portfolio of options to meet its specific interests. This selective approach will result in the perfect activities package to suit individual needs.

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