Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Guide to Stag and Hen Weekends

A best man who is organizing a stag party can make it a very memorable one if he puts in some ground work. Edinburgh Stag Weekend Guide

First of all the stag himself has to be consulted on what his preferences are regarding the date, venue, activities list of invitees etc. You must decide on your budget. How much do you plan to spend? The cost may not matter, but if it does, then plan accordingly.

Fix the dates and the venue. The date has to be convenient for the stag and the invitees. It would be advisable to fix on a date at least 2 weeks ahead of the wedding. Once the dates have been decided on, decide on the venue and plan the guest list. You must decide on whether the party is to be big or a small exclusive one. The stag has to be consulted with regard to this. He may wish to invite certain people or not to invite others. After all it is his stag night. Confirm whether all the invitees will be arriving, and if the dates are convenient with all. Book early so that all the invitees can be provided for.

You must also consider whether you want a theme based party, which might need a little more organizing, but may be more enjoyable. Transport facilities for those who are coming will need to be arranged.

Other points to keep in mind are what to do, what games to play and what to give. A surprise for the stag will have to be planned but not one that is demeaning, even if rather nasty.

It would be preferable to avoid provocative entertainment, but that depends on individual preferences.

Prepare a speech to be delivered at the stag party.
These are just a few tips to help you plan a stag party without too many avoidable hitches.

Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is a magnificent city, rich in history and culture. It is a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The city oozes character from the stunning castle that proudly overlooks the city to the innumerable streets of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Edinburgh is the ideal city break for a Stag Weekend. The highland games, traditional Haggis served with ‘neeps & tatties’, a tour around Loch Ness, the beer and Edinburgh’s explosive club scene make it the favourite destination for lively stag weekends with an international flavour.

The city has a range of entertainments on offer. One can go natural White Water Rafting in Edinburgh, canyoning, off road driving or cliff jumping. In fact the area boasts some of the most diverse range of outdoor activities in the country which makes Edinburgh the perfect weekend destination in every respect.

Edinburgh has the distinction of being steeped in both history and alcohol, and has an astonishing number of pubs. The old town of Edinburgh is famous for its legendary Grass market area of pubs and cobblestones with Guinness galore and whisky chasers. It is a veritable stag weekend drinker’s paradise. The in Edinburgh pubs are famous for their extremely good measures.

The city is the second most popular tourist destination throughout Great Britain, second only to London. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep a one busy. The many fairs and festivals simply add to the excitement. A stag weekend in Edinburgh is a fantastic stag experience.

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