Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Best flight deals to Edinburgh

Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland, is an important financial center for the EU. Its famous three week long Edinburgh International Festival attracts a lot of tourists. A city rich in history and culture the medieval Edinburgh Castle looms over the Old Town in all its splendor. Edinburgh is home to many of Scotland’s museums and galleries. This vibrant city is in addition to all this, a popular destination for hen and stag parties. Scotland’s first city with its prolific nightlife and traditional hospitality, its history and culture, and all sorts of stag activities in and around the city is the perfect stag weekend destination.

Are you planning a stag in Edinburgh? If you are, by doing a little homework you can get yourself the best deals when booking a flight into the city.

Once you have planned the date and venue, and the numbers of invitees, remember to book your tickets well in advance. Early booking will get you the best fares. Be on the alert to know when seats are released for the season and book before the fares go up. You will also get better rates if you book directly from the airlines. All the airlines have very easy-to-use booking forms on their websites. Check out the best deals offered by the different airlines especially the low cost ones. Very often a group booking will cost less than an individual booking.

Avoid direct flights these are more expensive. Or you could fly into one of the bigger cities and travel to your destination by train or coach which might save you some money. Flying on a lesser known carrier will work out cheaper than flying on the bigger ones.

Some days are busier than others which means the fares will be higher. On Mondays, Fridays and weekends the domestic routes are busy .So Tuesday to Saturday will work out cheaper. The fares also go up during the time of major events.

In winter when traveling is at the lowest peak, airlines offer the cheapest fares. You can get a real bargain during this time.

Finally don’t forget to take out a travel insurance that will cover the trip starting from when you book the flight.

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