Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Best flight deals to Edinburgh

Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland, is an important financial center for the EU. Its famous three week long Edinburgh International Festival attracts a lot of tourists. A city rich in history and culture the medieval Edinburgh Castle looms over the Old Town in all its splendor. Edinburgh is home to many of Scotland’s museums and galleries. This vibrant city is in addition to all this, a popular destination for hen and stag parties. Scotland’s first city with its prolific nightlife and traditional hospitality, its history and culture, and all sorts of stag activities in and around the city is the perfect stag weekend destination.

Are you planning a stag in Edinburgh? If you are, by doing a little homework you can get yourself the best deals when booking a flight into the city.

Once you have planned the date and venue, and the numbers of invitees, remember to book your tickets well in advance. Early booking will get you the best fares. Be on the alert to know when seats are released for the season and book before the fares go up. You will also get better rates if you book directly from the airlines. All the airlines have very easy-to-use booking forms on their websites. Check out the best deals offered by the different airlines especially the low cost ones. Very often a group booking will cost less than an individual booking.

Avoid direct flights these are more expensive. Or you could fly into one of the bigger cities and travel to your destination by train or coach which might save you some money. Flying on a lesser known carrier will work out cheaper than flying on the bigger ones.

Some days are busier than others which means the fares will be higher. On Mondays, Fridays and weekends the domestic routes are busy .So Tuesday to Saturday will work out cheaper. The fares also go up during the time of major events.

In winter when traveling is at the lowest peak, airlines offer the cheapest fares. You can get a real bargain during this time.

Finally don’t forget to take out a travel insurance that will cover the trip starting from when you book the flight.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Male stripping in Hen Nights

Hen night is a special occasion where you want to get all the fun which you were planning for years. It’s not only about food, drinks, dance it’s about something really weird and every one wants more out of this party and nothing is complete without some wild and sexy things.

Hey here’s the real magic which will drive you and your friends crazy, just enjoy the night sipping the drink and just imagine if a hot and sexy male dancer entertains your group with his sexy moves and athletic body and killing looks, ooh! Too tempting, it would be real fun. These hard-core performances by the stripper will definitely melt the hearts of the entire guest and will entice them to get more.

What else, add some more spice to your hen night and get close to these hunks, wait ladies, you have the real fun left, all those who were dieing to touch the stunning torso of the stripper, its you chance to get your hands on that slippery body and have fun oiling and rubbing cream and strawberry on the chest of these sexy, male stripper.

This would be a great fun experience as by now you too are the part of the show, its all for you ladies its full entertainment and not a nudity show, just relax and have the fun before stepping into a married life. Hope you might not get another chance later so garb the opportunity and get the maximum out of it. Talking about male stripping and not describing about Edinburgh is too kiddish.

The beautiful place has many strip clubs which arrange strip nights especially for Hen Weekends they provide great ambiance with some good music, just have to sit and relax with your friends and make it a enjoyable occasion of your life.

Car hire in Edinburgh

If you plan to have a stag party in Edinburgh here is some information on the car hire services and the facilities that are available. Edinburgh provides very good car hiring services. A wide range of cars are available; automatics will be dearer and their range limited. The minimum age for hire is usually 23 and in some cases it is 25.

Some companies might arrange for delivery and return service at an extra charge. One way hires are difficult to get from remote locations and cancellations have to be made less than 72 hours prior to car rental.

All cars have seat belts since it is mandatory to have them. Other than the economy range of cars most cars have power steering and airbags. Baby, child and booster seats may be requested from most hirers and are often supplied free of charge.

Some of the firms will allow you to take the vehicle abroad at an extra charge. Based on the type of hire you may get unlimited mileage, but there also companies that allow unlimited mileage irrespective of the type of hire.

The excess on the insurance will be higher for younger drivers and the hirer is liable for damage up to a specified amount. The airport branches of the car hire companies are open on Sundays but for a shorter time. On bank holidays the larger firms are open, but remain closed on Xmas Day and New Years Day.

The company will supply the car with a full tank which the hirer is expected to replace on return. The firm may also charge you a fuel deposit which is adjusted according to usage.

Overseas visitors must have a valid driver’s license or International License and this must be accompanied by a passport. British licenses usually must have been held for at least 1 year.

These are only a few of the basic things to be aware about if you plan to hire a car when you go to Edinburgh.

Guide to Stag and Hen Weekends

A best man who is organizing a stag party can make it a very memorable one if he puts in some ground work. Edinburgh Stag Weekend Guide

First of all the stag himself has to be consulted on what his preferences are regarding the date, venue, activities list of invitees etc. You must decide on your budget. How much do you plan to spend? The cost may not matter, but if it does, then plan accordingly.

Fix the dates and the venue. The date has to be convenient for the stag and the invitees. It would be advisable to fix on a date at least 2 weeks ahead of the wedding. Once the dates have been decided on, decide on the venue and plan the guest list. You must decide on whether the party is to be big or a small exclusive one. The stag has to be consulted with regard to this. He may wish to invite certain people or not to invite others. After all it is his stag night. Confirm whether all the invitees will be arriving, and if the dates are convenient with all. Book early so that all the invitees can be provided for.

You must also consider whether you want a theme based party, which might need a little more organizing, but may be more enjoyable. Transport facilities for those who are coming will need to be arranged.

Other points to keep in mind are what to do, what games to play and what to give. A surprise for the stag will have to be planned but not one that is demeaning, even if rather nasty.

It would be preferable to avoid provocative entertainment, but that depends on individual preferences.

Prepare a speech to be delivered at the stag party.
These are just a few tips to help you plan a stag party without too many avoidable hitches.

Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is a magnificent city, rich in history and culture. It is a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The city oozes character from the stunning castle that proudly overlooks the city to the innumerable streets of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Edinburgh is the ideal city break for a Stag Weekend. The highland games, traditional Haggis served with ‘neeps & tatties’, a tour around Loch Ness, the beer and Edinburgh’s explosive club scene make it the favourite destination for lively stag weekends with an international flavour.

The city has a range of entertainments on offer. One can go natural White Water Rafting in Edinburgh, canyoning, off road driving or cliff jumping. In fact the area boasts some of the most diverse range of outdoor activities in the country which makes Edinburgh the perfect weekend destination in every respect.

Edinburgh has the distinction of being steeped in both history and alcohol, and has an astonishing number of pubs. The old town of Edinburgh is famous for its legendary Grass market area of pubs and cobblestones with Guinness galore and whisky chasers. It is a veritable stag weekend drinker’s paradise. The in Edinburgh pubs are famous for their extremely good measures.

The city is the second most popular tourist destination throughout Great Britain, second only to London. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep a one busy. The many fairs and festivals simply add to the excitement. A stag weekend in Edinburgh is a fantastic stag experience.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Is it Goodbye Google?

For the last seven years I have been using google adwords over any other form of advertising. At the start, keywords were very cheap as there was very little competition, but of course, like all new things the honeymoon period is over.

Over the last 12 months Google has changed a lot of its algorithms to return better results and continue the fight against spam. However this fight may have gone one step to far...

As a small business every penny counts, I have invested a lot of our revenue into Google adwords over the years. I also look after quite a few of my clients adword campaigns, but over the last 12 month I've seen 3 major factors change, and it may be Goodbye Google as far as spending money on adwords is concerned.

1. Naturally there is more competition now on adwords than what there was 5 years ago, or even just 12 months ago. My cost per click has almost doubled in the last 12 months, and to also add salt to injury my conversion of enquiries has dropped considerably. These two elements compound the fact that costs have gone up and conversion has gone down, which in turn means the cost per sale has risen dramatically.

The content advertising has also seem to get weaker for many of our adword campaigns, we have recently stopped advertising on the content network. I have tracked many clicks coming from bogus sites over the years, and I'm not sure google can track all the bogus sites and clicks.

I know Google rewards sites for good conversion, I'm pretty sure that our conversion rate is one of the best, so I would hate to think how much the other sites with lower conversions are paying. Over the last 12 months I have managed over $200,000 in adword advertising.

2.The second reason we are looking at alternatives is our Adsense revenue is 1/4 of what it was last year. The weak Dollar against the GB Pound really also does not help. What I am unsure about is how Google is charging more for adwords and maybe paying less for adsense? Or is it because of reason 3?

3.Over the last 18 months has been a nightmare for any internet business relying on traffic from natural searches. Since Google's updates, many of our sites which were doing fantastic, have now gone. I can understand link popularity and the reasoning behind it, but the fact is most small business do not have the time or the resources to do the link building that is required of them.

I will give you an example, my number one revenue site for sales

After a long hard effort the site's home page came back for the keywords:

Edinburgh Stag Party

But the many 100's of keyords like Edinburgh Hen Weekend or Edinburgh Stag Weekend we have never returned for. I would expect at least Edinburgh Hen Weekend or Edinburgh Stag Weekend to be just as effective. I know there will be many of you out there saying well this page is not optimised that alt tags is missing etc, but I can give examples of sites higher than mine who mention the keyword once. Google used to rate them for the keywords, so it knows what the page is about, but for whatever reason has decided to supplement most of my pages.

I did a test last week and for the first time in a long time, I got a much better result from advertising in a paper than I did in Google adwords. What I think has happened is Google has taken such a large proportion of companies advertising spend like mine, that it's forced the traditional channels of advertising to me more competitive. So for 2007 I will be spending less with Google and more on other advertising mediums, I will also be advising my clients to also consider looking at similar avenues.

I would love to hear feed back from anyone else, I'm sure I am not the only one in the UK who has noticed it.

I saw this more feed back on other people with issues about google Scobleizer

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Looking For Well Organised Link Partners

I am looking for webmasters, SEO companies who understand the importance of good quality link exchange. We run many websites and feel with the right partners we can all benefit from good quality linking.

We have begun writing good articles with deep linking and placing them on 3rd parties websites. This has shown to be very effective if done correctly. If you are interested in teaming up with us and have good quality sites and don't do black hat tactics we would love to hear from you.